Monday, June 20, 2011

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2001 marks on surfers' imagination.

Stanley Kubrick died in 1999. The prehistory of the Internet. Eyes Wide Shut when out on the screens a few months later, YouTube does not exist, let alone Facebook and Google is still in its infancy. Since then, the director has infused the canvas, and marked the imagination of a generation of surfers to a point that never ceases to amaze.
Like George Lucas and his Star Wars geek unbeatable monolith of the Internet generation, Stanley Kubrick is now everywhere. In all the folds of the Internet, all over Google in the portfolios of web designers, YouTube, Flickr, Facebook. It is said that Kubrick has inspired generations of filmmakers. What is less known is that he does the same for a generation of Internet scholars. And passionate. 
After a few hours to browse the web, the obvious is obvious: Kubrick and the web is a matter of passion, but also respect. The evocation of Kubrick by Internet users is almost invariably the greatest tact. On the Web, Star Wars is just as much fun as adulation. This is not true of Kubrick and his films. Parodying the attack of the Black Star, no problem ... But caricaturing 2001, or even if trying to imitate, and it is sacrilege.
In his will, Stanley Kubrick became a figure of the Internet. But he was finally early, even before the modems do not arrive at all. Kubrick's work is here more than ever, adopted, if not brood, for a generation of artists who are hard every day to perpetuate the memory on a support that the film maker, visionary and mad about technology has not had the pleasure of knowing.
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