Friday, June 24, 2011

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Death is the road to awe.

-Finish it.
-Stop... Stop it!
What do you want? Leave me, leave me alone! Please, please... It's not my...
[he kneels and breaks into sobs]
[she touches his head with a robed arm; he looks up and sees Queen Isabella, smiles, and stands
-Will you deliver Spain from bondage?
-I don't know... I'm trying, trying... I don't know how.
-You do. You will. 
-I'm going to die.
[she smiles]
-I'm going to die!
[he smiles, laughing]
-Together we will live forever.
[she sheds a tear]
[he is smiling]
-Finsh it.

Clint Mansell - Stay with me
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