Sunday, June 19, 2011


What About The Soul?

-Let's break it down. Hydrogen. What does that give us?
-By mole we re lookingat 63 percent.
-63? That is a big bite.
-My next step's gotta be oxygen.
-Oxygen, 26 percent.
-26. There you have your water.
-Carbon, 9 percent
-Carbon, 9
-For total of 98 percent
-Nitrogen 1,25 percent
-One point two five
-That brings you to 99 and a quarter.
-Which only leaves you with trace elements... Down where the magic happens.
-Oh wait a minute. What about calcium? Calcium's not a trace. Got a whole skeleton to account for you would think right?
-Right. Calcium. Calcium's only 0,25 percent
-What? That low? Seriously? Damn I never would've thought that.
-Ok so where does iron fit in?
-Iron. Well ok 0.00004 percent.
-What? You can't have haemoglobin without iron.
-Apparently, it don't take to much.
-No doubt. Go figure. Sodium
-Sodium, 0,04. Phosphorus, 0.19
-Point one nine
-There we go. So the whole thing adds up to 99.888042 percent. We're 0,111958% shy
-Supposedly that's everything.
- I don't know I just.. It seems like something's missing, doesn't it? There's gotta be more to a human being than that.
-What about the soul?
-The soul... There's nothing but chemistry here.

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